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Biker Beard Care How to Take Care of Your Beard

Biker Beard Care: How to Take Care of Your Beard

Biker beards are the wild beasts of the beard world.

They’re not neat and tidy.
They’re hardly refined and dignified.

No way.

They’re bristling with energy, blown into crazy shapes by the wind.
And usually framing a mouth that’s grinning with joy.

Well, of course.

They’re attached to men who ride motorcycles.
Biker beards reflect the primal passion of the men who love nothing more than roaring through the world on a beautiful metal beast.

So: surprise, surprise.
You probably won’t see one on your local accountant.

biker beards are not seen on accountants

Now biker beards may look completely wild.
Just like the men who wear them.
But both the man and the beard need some tender loving care.

And care of the biker himself is a whole other rabbit hole we could go down.
(In fact, I do: over here, where I talk about successful biker dating.)

But for now, let’s focus on care of the biker beard itself.

Biker beard care doesn’t have to be complicated, or take a lot of time. But it can’t be ignored. Biker beards are exposed to sun, wind, rain and pollution out on the motorcycle. But with some really simple maintenance, you can keep your biker beard looking awesome.

Men with biker beards are not going to be fighting for time in the bathroom.
They don’t spend half their lives preening in front of the mirror.

So let’s talk about a no-fuss approach to keeping that biker beard in good working order – without using 500 products and making a weekly appointment at the barber.

Biker Beard Care 101: 6 Easy Steps

You don’t have to start a whole Serious Beard Care Regime here.
These simple 6 steps are all you need.

1.  Brush your biker beard gently

After a day out on your motorcycle, the wind has had a whole lot of fun with your beard.

It’s going to be full of tangles and knots.
So you need to brush it – carefully.

And sure, you can get a specialist beard brush if you want to.
But any gentle hairbrush will work, too.

Don’t use the ones with the exposed sharp plastic bristles that will pull at your beard and split it.
A natural bristle brush will be the most gentle.
And at the very least, use a hairbrush with soft rubber tips on its prongs.
You don’t want to create more split ends and damage.

brush your biker beard

2.  Biker beards don’t need a daily shampoo

Sure, if you’ve been out on an all-day motorcycle trip and your beard is full of bugs, a handful of twigs, and the remains of your lunch, then a full shampoo might be in order.

But in the normal course of things, every couple of days is fine.
Give your beard a rinse in the shower, by all means, but don’t dry it out by over-shampooing.

Too much shampoo will strip the natural oils and make your beard dry.

3.  Use gentle shampoo on your biker beard

When you DO go all out and shampoo that furry creature, use a gentle shampoo.
I beg you, don’t just grab whatever soap is to hand in the shower.

Choose a shampoo made for everyday use, or one for dry hair.
Avoid those harsh, chemical-laden shampoos that could easily double as degreaser for your motorcycle.

In our house, the hubby benefits from my organic shampoo obsession.
We have quite a collection of natural, chemical free shampoos lined up in the shower.
I keep reminding Pat to use them.
They’re way gentler than the dishwashing detergent that so many basic shampoos seem to be made of.

biker beards need gentle shampoo

4.  A biker beard needs conditioner

Conditioner is not just for the ladies.

You use conditioner on your hair when you wash it, right?
Yep, your beard needs it, too.

Conditioner helps to replace the natural moisture that shampoos (and the wind) strip away.
Just grab a good dollop of conditioner, rub it through your beard, and leave it for a couple minutes while you wash your other bits.

This gives the conditioner a chance to sink in, and do its work.
But remember to rinse it out before you get out of the shower.

5.  Beard oil was MADE for biker beards

Taking care of your beard doesn’t mean you’re going to need three dedicated shelves in the bathroom cabinet.
I’m not suggesting you start going crazy with the grooming, and adding moisturiser or mousse to your 30 second daily routine.

God forbid!

The only additional grooming product you need is beard oil.
It works a treat to replenish the moisture that riding in the wind and weather takes out.

A couple of squirts rubbed through your beard will moisturise it well, without a lot of fuss.
It’s a great idea to use beard oil before you go out on the motorcycle, and when you get home.

6.  Is your biker beard gray or blonde?

If so, you might find that parts of it start to turn a little yellow or orange.
That can be caused by the sun, or chlorine in the water you wash in.

So I’ll let you in on an inside tip from The Secret World of Women.
We know all about this stuff, believe me…

You just need to use a purple shampoo.
It won’t turn your beard purple, but the colored pigment cancels out the brassy tones and will make your beard sparkle blonde or silver.

is your biker beard blonde or silver

Biker Beard Care is Not Rocket Science

As you can see, it’s not hard to take care of your beard.

Just think about all the time and care you lavish on your motorcycle.
Your biker beard deserves a little attention too.

But – unlike the time you spend in the shed with your motorcycle – it doesn’t have to involve hours, or hundreds of dollars.

Regular simple maintenance will help to keep your beard in great shape.

A biker beard is a statement of freedom.
You may as well make wild look good, right?

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