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Biker Gear Can be Ugly! How to Make Motorcycle Clothes Pretty

Biker Gear Can be Ugly! How to Make Motorcycle Clothes Pretty

Biker gear is not exactly flattering, is it?

By the time you’ve pulled on all those layers, yes, you feel safer.
But you sure don’t feel any prettier.

Because let’s face it, motorcycle clothes are often downright ugly.
They must all be made deep in the Ugly Forest.

Biker gear is a style challenge for many women.
Even if you’re not fashion-obsessed, it’s depressing going out on the motorcycle looking like a shapeless leather-clad beast.
But you don’t have to sacrifice safety for looking good.

Biker gear is ugly for a very good reason.
It’s because motorcycle clothes have NOTHING to do with fashion.

They’re safety gear.
Motorcycle clothes are designed to protect you, not make you look pretty.

Fair enough.

If you had to choose, would you rather be safe, or look like you have a personal stylist?


motorcycle clothes - do you have a stylist


Yep, it’s a no-brainer.

Even so, it gets pretty boring wearing layer on layer of shapeless black motorcycle clothes.
They’re not designed to be flattering in any way at all…

  • Motorcycle jeans are bulky

Motorcycle jeans have layers of Kevlar or other fabric armor sewn into them.

That could save your skin some day, so you absolutely need to wear them.
But in the meantime, your thighs somehow look about 3 times bigger than they actually are.

  • Motorcycle leather jackets are not form-fitting

Motorcycle jackets need to be roomy enough to fit several layers of wool and cotton underneath them.
That’s essential for regulating your body temperature in different weather.
But, man, they are often pretty shapeless.

  • Motorcycle boots win every ugly award

I have to admit that I really love my unattractive biker boots.
They keep my feet warm and dry, even in heavy rain and the icy winds that blow straight from Antarctica here in New Zealand.

But are they pretty?
Oh no.
They are not.
Not even in the dark.

Now, there are plenty of ways to look good on a motorcycle when you take OFF the several layers of protective black motorcycle clothes.

Here are some tips to try:

But what about BEFORE you get the chance to take off your helmet, jacket and gloves to reveal an actual woman underneath?
What can you do if you’d like to add a little more outward motorcycle style to all that essential biker gear?

Do you have to give up all hope of looking feminine when wearing motorcycle clothes?


motorcycle clothes are a challenge

I don’t think you do.

Here are 4 ways to pretty up your motorcycle style just a little.

1.  Try a textile or denim motorcycle jacket

A big heavy black leather jacket is not your only safety option.

Motorcycle jackets also come in a water-resistant textile fabric.
And also in denim, with Kevlar armor added for protection.

Both are lighter than leather, but can still be lined with a thermal layer for warmth.
They differ from leather motorcycle jackets in two key ways:

  • They’re often cut to be more shapely

You’re still going to look larger than you actually are, because you’ll be wearing layers of clothes under the jacket.
And the jacket itself is quite bulky, because it’s lined.

Even so, there’s a hint of a waistline and a feminine shape to be had with textile or denim jackets.

They’re not always cut in the shape of a long rectangle.
They suggest there might actually be a woman in there.

  • They feature some color

Textile or denim motorcycle jackets don’t have to be black.

They come in different colors – light or dark blue for denim.
And textile motorcycle jackets can include splashes of red, white, or sometimes pink.
Some even feature a couple flowers if you want to go that girly.

It’s a refreshing change from a big shapeless black sack of leather, that’s for sure.


motorcycle clothes - try a denim jacket


2.  Motorcycle helmets can be gorgeous

Of course you need a road legal, safety certified motorcycle helmet.
You don’t get a second chance to protect your precious brain.

But your motorcycle helmet doesn’t have to be plain black, or white.
Helmets are a great way to express a little of your own personal motorcycle style.

Your motorcycle helmet could feature:

  • Your favorite color, or bright patterns
  • A sparkly finish (that’s very retro)
  • Decals or stickers that reflect your own motorcycle style
  • Old school goggles as an accessory, and my personal favorite…
  • Detachable cat ears.

If you’re a crazy cat lady like me, cat ears on a helmet are the cutest idea ever.
When wearing a pair of these, you’d have to order a saucer of milk when you stop for coffee, right?

And for some easy hints on choosing the right helmet, check out my post here: 
Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Made Simple.


motorcycle clothes - add some cat ears


3.  Motorcycle jeans come in different colors

Whenever you see photos of biker chicks online or in movies, have you ever noticed they’re often wearing ripped jeans?
What a joke!

They look sexy, for sure.
But no biker chick with a brain is ever getting on a motorcycle in ripped jeans.
Not if she wants to keep the skin on her legs, anyway.

You might as well just wear shorts, and be done with it.

Because if you’re serious about safety, motorcycle jeans are an absolute must-have.

All those layers of Kevlar armor inside the jeans will lessen the damage of an impact.
They’ll also stop you needing a skin graft if you slide down the road.

So yep, you’ve gotta wear them.

But do they have to be so ugly?
Well, actually, they don’t.

You have options here, too.


  • Try some motorcycle jeans with a camo look

Some motorcycle jeans come in green, brown or even pink camo.

This is an easy way to add some color and style while still wearing sensible biker gear.

  • Choose a dark blue denim instead of black or pale blue

Why not replace the standard black motorcycle jeans with a blue version?
Everything else in the motorcycle outfit is already black, so break it up a little.

But choose your shade of blue with care.
Pale blue with layers of Kevlar makes your thighs appear twice their actual size.

A darker blue adds some variety to all the black, and is still flattering.


motorcycle clothes - try blue riding jeans


4.  Motorcycle boots – is there any hope?

Motorcycle boots are potentially the biggest obstacle to feminine motorcycle style.

They’re clunky.
They’re often sealed with Velcro against the rain (so attractive, right)?

And they’re padded inside.
So once again, they look bigger than your usual footwear.

There’s simply no way to make motorcycle boots dainty.

But after a day of riding in the rain, you’re very glad you’re wearing them, and not some beautiful expensive leather boots instead.

Is there any way on earth to pretty them up?

Well… kinda.
There are two things that help a little.

If you can tuck your motorcycle jeans into your boots, you can:

  • Try a lace boot cuff

This is a stretchy lace insert you pull up over your jean legs.
It sticks out of the top of your boots to look like you’re wearing lace socks.

This creates a surprising, feminine contrast with the big clumsy safety boots.

  • Wear long socks

If you have a long pair of socks in a bright color, you can pull them up until they’re sticking out above the top of your boots.

At least it adds a pop of color and distracts from the ugliness of the boots.

But if that’s too hard, just wear the ugly motorcycle boots under your jeans rather than tucking your jeans into them.
At least that way, they’re mostly hidden.


motorcycle clothes - try bright socks


Oh yes, biker gear is a serious motorcycle style challenge!

But there ARE ways to make standard motorcycle clothes more feminine.
You don’t have to settle for layer on layer of boring, boxy basic black safety gear.

And there’s one more thing to remember when working on your motorcycle style…

When you’re prettying up your biker gear, choose ONE item to improve.

Don’t go all-out, and grab every possible opportunity to go high fashion.
A helmet covered in daisy decals and cat ears, a pink textile jacket, and camo style riding jeans is just too much.

The goal is to look more feminine – not like a clown.

So if you concentrate on one piece of biker gear, you’ll add a touch of the feminine.
You won’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Or like you just graduated from clown school.


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