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Motorcycle Date Ideas

Motorcycle Date Ideas: 10 Ways to Impress a Woman

Motorcycle date ideas have to be good.

You want to impress your date, but how do you do it?
What will she like?

And if your date hasn’t been on a motorcycle before, you also want to make sure of three things:

  1. She’s not terrified
  2. She’s not bored, and
  3. She doesn’t show up in a dress and sandals (awkward)!

You can fix the last problem by making sure your date knows what to wear on a motorcycle.
So explain that she’ll need to wear jeans, a jacket and boots.
And make sure you have a spare helmet you can lend her.

Or you could get her to read this: What to Wear on a Motorcycle Date.

Once the motorcycle gear issues are sorted, now you just need a few motorcycle date ideas to choose from.

You want to introduce your date to the world of motorcycles – and you! – in a positive way.
So where can you go on a motorcycle date?

Motorcycle date ideas have to be simple and fun.
You’ll be wearing motorcycle gear, so anywhere with a fussy dress code is out of the question.
There are lots of activities and destinations that are perfect for a motorcycle date – from scenic rides to lunch in the sun with your bike.

Motorcycle Date Ideas: 10 Destinations She’ll Love

 1.  A casual restaurant

Can you go to dinner on a motorcycle date?
Of course.

Just choose your restaurant carefully.

This is not the time to try that new super-cool restaurant with the rudest waiters in the city.

Because your date will be wearing jeans and boots, not a dress and heels.
She’ll be really uncomfortable and self-conscious among a lot of white linen tablecloths and mirrors.

And that’s BEFORE she sees that the menu features a selection of very annoying options.
Like vegan asparagus foam, artisan cheese curds, and organic truffles gathered in the local forest by specially trained snuffling pigs.

What the hell is this?
She was secretly hoping for a burger.


motorcycle date should be informal


And in a setting like this, the motorcycle date problems just keep on coming.

Because where are you going to put all your bike gear?
The horrified rich people at the next table probably won’t be OK with looking after your helmets.

So choose somewhere informal and friendly.
You need plenty of space, and a very forgiving dress code.
A restaurant with an outdoor dining area is ideal.
Then you can put your riding gear on the ground and have room to move, without knocking over 25 expensive wine glasses.

Eating outdoors is also more relaxed, and effortlessly romantic.

2.  A food van

If finding a casual, welcoming restaurant is too difficult, how about a food van?

They’re often set up near some outdoor tables, with plenty of parking.

So you can have dinner within sight of your motorcycle.
That may be normal for you, but it’ll be a novelty for your date.

Food vans often serve simple, fresh, and delicious food – and maybe something a little spicy.
It’s a surprising and refreshing approach to dinner.
And it doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.


motorcycle date could be a food van


3.  A picnic lunch

A picnic is a fantastic way to make a great impression on a motorcycle date.
Pack some food into your top box or saddlebags, and head for a park, botanical gardens, or river.

Bring a blanket or large scarf, and lay it on the grass as a tablecloth (oooh…romantic)!

And picnic food is super easy.
Just pick up a few things at the local deli, like some of these:

  • Mixed olives
  • Small containers of salads (get two different kinds, and some plastic forks)
  • Bread and dip
  • Chicken legs
  • Mini-pastries
  • Strawberries or grapes
  • Cheese and nuts
  • Small bottles of juice or sparkling water (so you don’t need to bring glasses).

Throw in some napkins, and you’re set.

You get bonus points for making the effort to put this together – it’s a thoughtful approach that’s sure to impress!


motorcycle date could be a picnic


4.  Your favorite ride with a view

Is there a certain road you know that ends with a rewarding view?

It might be near a beautiful river or lake.
Or the top of a hill, where you can look down over the city.

Ideally there’ll be a coffee shop or coffee van around so that you can sit by the motorcycle and enjoy your bird’s eye view with a drink. If you know there’s no coffee around for miles though, pack a couple of small bottles of juice in your top box, and some cheese and crackers.

Chances are your date’s never seen this view before.
You’ve shown her something new – and getting there on a motorcycle was half the fun.

5.  Get out of the city

Motorcycles are all about freedom, right?
Escaping the city is one way to capture that sense of freedom, and share it with this new person.

So: do you know any pretty rural roads you could take?
Is there a little town within reasonable riding distance?

Getting out of the city has two benefits:

  • It gets you away from the stress of heavy traffic.
    That’s not fun on a date, or any other time.
  • It takes you on a shared adventure, through beautiful scenery.
    So it’s an instant bonding experience.

Riding along a quieter country road also shows your date that motorcycles are not automatically terrifying.
They’re an amazing way to explore your own little part of the world.


motorcycle date in the country


6.  A coffee shop off the beaten track

Now you’ve left the city, you need a destination.
A coffee shop in the countryside is a great place to stop for lunch or coffee.

Some delicious home cooking and a relaxing view are the perfect combination for a motorcycle date.

After cruising through the countryside in the sunshine, you can sit in nature and have an actual conversation.
It’s much easier to get to know each other without having to shout over the noise of a crowded city coffee shop or bar.

As you’re chatting, don’t forget to point out that riding wakes up all your senses.
On a motorcycle, she’ll see, smell and hear things that you can’t experience in a car.
There’s plenty to talk about!

7.  Go for ice cream

Ice cream cones are not just for kids!

This is a surprising and fun motorcycle date idea.
And there are lots of options here:

  • Get a dish of ice cream (maybe to share?) at a diner
  • Stop at an ice cream van, park the bike nearby, and enjoy your ice cream on a bench under the shade of a tree
  • Buy some pre-wrapped ice creams at a deli, and eat them in the nearby park.

Ice cream is a playful, light-hearted end to a motorcycle ride.
And it’s way less pressure than dinner, or even coffee.

If you can’t chat and laugh over ice cream, there’s probably no future in this relationship anyway, right?


motorcycle date – try icecream


8.  A motorcycle show

If your date is open to learning more about bikes, why not take her to a motorcycle show?
It could be a great opportunity to showcase the fascinating world of motorcycles.

This motorcycle date idea comes with some pretty major warnings.

Your date is new to motorcycles, remember?
You can’t just abandon her at the door, and let her wander around on her own.

You need to be a little more strategic than that:

  • Don’t stay for 8 hours – she’ll be bored way before then
  • Don’t ignore her while you get into long, technical conversations with other bikers
  • Do point out some cool features of a couple of standout bikes
  • Do show her your dream bike, and explain why you love it.

The goal here is to fan the flames of her interest in motorcycles.
Not pour cold water on them, so that she never wants to hear about bikes again.

9.  Go on a group ride

Is there a charity ride coming up?
Maybe a regular monthly ride with your local motorcycle club?
Or just a group of friends that you ride with?

This is an easy, low-pressure motorcycle date idea.
There’ll be other people around to help carry the conversation.
And your date will immediately feel part of the group as she rides with you.

It can be a really thrilling experience to ride in a group of welcoming motorcyclists – especially if she’s never done that before.


motorcycle date – a group ride


10.  Ask your date what she wants!

Who says all the organisation of the motorcycle date has to fall to you?
Your date might have a destination of her own in mind.

Maybe she:

  • Knows of a great out-of-the-way place for lunch
  • Has always wanted to explore a local area, and hasn’t gotten around to it, or
  • Has a favorite junk shop two towns over she wants to visit.

Even if she doesn’t have a preference, she’ll LOVE that you bothered to ask her what she wants.
It shows respect and consideration.

That’s always appreciated – and really romantic.

Which of these motorcycle date ideas will you try?

As you can see, impressing a woman on a motorcycle date doesn’t have to be difficult.
You don’t have to look like you’re trying desperately hard.

All it takes is a little thought and planning.
And an awareness that the world of motorcycles is probably new to her.

So show your date that motorcycles are a whole new universe of fun and adventure.
If all goes well, this’ll be a universe she now wants to explore with you.

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