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old motorbikes are prettier than any supermodel

Old Motorbikes Are Prettier Than Any Supermodel

Seen one vintage motorcycle, you’ve seen them all, right?

Oh, that’s hilarious.
It’s pure delusion.

Because a vintage motorcycle is a wonderful thing.

It’s unique.
It’s individual.

Old motorbikes have character.
They have a soul.

And old motorbikes are devastatingly beautiful…

You’ve already heard me ranting about the amazing motorcycle museum right down at the bottom of New Zealand.

I’ve shared some of my favorite old motorbikes from that museum on Twitter.
But I thought it was high time I brought them all together in one place.

So here they are … one perfect vintage motorcycle after another.

20 Stunning Old Motorbikes You Just Have to Fall in Love With

1.  Brough Superiors (yes, FIVE of ’em!)

Let’s start with the highlight of the whole museum…

5 Brough Superiors from the 1930s, parked up in a gleaming row.

No wonder they were known as the Rolls Royce of motorcycles.


Broughs are the ultimate old motorbikes


2.  Brough Superior, 1936, complete with sidecar

If you hadn’t overdosed on Broughs, here’s another taste.

A shiny black Brough Superior with a sidecar.

Perfect if you need to climb in there on the leather seat and faint in comfort.
I was certainly thinking about it.


Brough is the prettiest vintage motorcycle


3.  Ariel 1932

How gorgeous is this – but can it STILL be dripping oil 86 years later?

(Love the glass plates under many of the bikes – a good idea for when you bring your bike indoors!)


Ariel vintage motorcycle


4.  Norton 1929

OK, you probably wouldn’t get far on a tank this size.

But who cares?

While you’re waiting for backup gas, you could pass the time by honking that cool looking horn.


Norton vintage motorcycle


5.  Thor 1916, 1000cc, V Twin

Never mind supermodels, this vintage motorcycle is even prettier than the guy from the Thor movies.

WAY prettier, in fact.


Thor vintage motorcycle


6.  AJS 1931, 498cc, V Twin

Chrome tanks get me every time!

The whole thing looks like a beautiful science experiment, somehow, doesn’t it?



AJS vintage motorcycle

7.  Velocette Venom Clubman, 1959

Now THAT’S a fishtail pipe!!!

Are you kidding me!?


Velocette vintage motorcycle


8.  Henderson, 1913

Doesn’t get much more old school than this, does it?

White wall tyres, and is that a gas headlamp??


Henderson vintage motorcycle


9.  Matchless Silver Hawk, 1935

That big silver “M” reminds me of a superhero costume.

It’s larger than life. And check the suspension under the seat!


Matchless vintage motorcycle


10.  A selection of Indians from the 1930s onwards

Interesting to see the evolution of the styles here, isn’t it?

And all those different colors after the classic Indian red…


old motorbikes Indian style

11.  Laverda 1974, 750cc

The lines of this one are so 70s, aren’t they!

And the tank is signed by Mr Laverda himself, for the shameless groupies who like that sort of thing.
(No, no, not me of course)…


Laverda vintage motorcycle


12.  Flying Merkel 1912, 980cc V Twin

You can time travel just by looking at this gorgeous thing!

Just think…no-one had even DREAMED of the internet then!


Flying Merkel vintage motorcycle


13.  Vincent Black Shadow 2007, 1000

This Vincent was put together from parts in 2007.
Is that the coolest garage project ever?

Imagine how often you’d have to call in sick to work while you tinkered with it!


Vincent vintage motorcycle


14.  Harley Davidson Peashooter, 1928

Unusual color, huh!
And with those low-down bars, you’d pretty much have to lie down to ride this one!


Harley vintage motorcycle


15.  Ariel 1929, 557cc

Check out those looooong fishtails, and the metal gear shift on the tank.



Ariel vintage motorcycle


16.  Benelli SEI 1974, 750cc

Another beautiful 70s flashback.
So finely built with that beautiful casting.

And a 6 into 6!!!! Whaaatttt?


Benelli vintage motorcycle


17.  Moto Guzzi 1938, Ardetta 250cc

What a stunner, and check out the GUZZI wording on the pipe – looks like it was cast that way.



Motoguzzi pipe vintage motorcycle

Motoguzzi vintage motorcycle


18.  BSA Lightning, 1963

The lines on this one are just ridiculous, aren’t they!

The side covers are huge and beautiful, and there’s even a little piping on the seat.
Is this a perfect vintage motorcycle, or what?


BSA vintage motorcycle


19.  Norton 1938, 600cc

Chrome and black and all-over perfection!


Norton vintage motorcycle


20.  Raleigh 1924 with sidecar

Note the wicker picnic basket and teeny teeny pipes!

You can just imagine this bike parked up on a quiet country road…
Unpack that bubbly!


Raleigh vintage motorcycle

So that’s not a bad collection of old motorbikes, really, is it?

Which gorgeous vintage motorcycle do you wish was in YOUR garage…?

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