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What Does the Perfect Motorcycle Road Look Like

What Does the Perfect Motorcycle Road Look Like?

Do you ever dream of the perfect motorcycle road?

Maybe you think about it when you’re stuck in gridlocked traffic.
Or when you’re doing your best to smile at another rude customer on a Monday morning.

A glorious motorcycle road is the ideal escape route from all the daily irritations.

There’s just you, the open road, and the purring of your motorcycle, as you ride into the distance and away from all the everyday Stuff you have to do…

So what does the perfect motorcycle road look like?

The perfect motorcycle road needs just the right combination of features.
Low traffic, a good variety of straights and twisties, and a smooth surface all help.
Throw in a warm day and a coffee shop along the way that serves up good food, and you’ve got the mix just right.
If only all motorcycle roads were like that!

Let’s talk about some key features that an awesome motorcycle road needs to have.

See if you agree with me…

The Perfect Motorcycle Road
8 Must-Have Features

 1.  Perfect motorcycle roads should have very few cars

As we know, cars are overall the number one hazard you face on a motorcycle.

And OK, there are other dangers on the road, too.
Like random acts of nature that could happen anytime.

Here in New Zealand, we often have sudden rain and flooding, pot holes full of water, and unexpected land slides and rocks falling onto the road. Nature’s pretty wild and unpredictable.

But I’d rather take the odds of being hit by lightning than have to dice with yet another driver who’s too busy texting to even glance up at the road.

That’s a murder waiting to happen.
And it’s waiting around every corner.

So the ideal motorcycle road would have very few cars.
And no distracted drivers you have to avoid just to stay alive.


motorcycle road is worse with cars


2.  Perfect motorcycle roads are in the countryside

Riding a motorcycle in nature is way more relaxing than city riding.
It’s partly about getting away from the stress of those four lane highways, gridlock, and driver aggression (again).

But it’s also the quality of the surroundings.

When you’re riding in the city, there are traffic lights every few hundred meters.

There’s the noise of car motors, beeping horns and the bustle of the city.
And the smell and taste of truck exhaust smoke in your face.

The only scenery is store fronts, skyscrapers, and lines of traffic.

But in the country, the air is clear.
It’s quiet enough to hear yourself think.

The only noise is coming from your motorcycle’s engine.
And maybe from you as well, as you chuckle out loud in delight.

Looking around, you see open space, not buildings and concrete.
The calming colors of nature soothe your soul right away.

Here in New Zealand, the scenery is so beautiful, it’s a distraction.

There are:

  • dozens of shades of green all around you
  • fields of purple lavender
  • dappled golden light, and
  • snow-capped mountains that force you to stare at them.

If you can stay focused, then the perfect motorcycle road would definitely be somewhere in the countryside.


motorcycle road in the countryside


3.  Great motorcycle roads are blessed by fine weather

Even the most amazing motorcycle road is less appealing when it’s pouring with rain, right?

So while we’re wishing for perfection, let’s talk about the weather.

It has to be sunny, but not too hot.
We can do without that dazzling, glaring harsh light you get at noon on a summer’s day.

A little scattering of cloud is fine.
It makes for a softer, more soothing light.
That’s easier on the eyes as you gaze ahead at the road unfolding before you.

No wind of course, so you don’t have to keep fighting the bike to keep it upright.

And it goes without saying, not a drop of rain would fall on this ideal motorcycle road.
You won’t need wet weather gear, or 14 layers of thermals.


motorcycle road in the sunshine


4.  Great motorcycle roads feature a combination of corners and straight lines

The perfect motorcycle road would be varied in its layout.
You’d need a few twisties at the start of the ride, while you’re still fresh and it’s easy to concentrate.

And then those tight corners should turn into an easy long straight road, so you can cruise and take in the beautiful scenery around you.

A few endless, sunny open corners should come next.
You can lean into them lazily, with plenty of room to pull out, and back onto the next straight.


motorcycle roads need twisties


5.  Perfect motorcycle roads have smooth surface with no nasty surprises

This perfect motorcycle road should be completely free of pot holes.
It shouldn’t suddenly turn into gravel or dirt.
It can’t be littered with piles of rocks from recent rock slides, or flooding.

No sudden jolts are allowed here.
No unexpected punches to the kidneys as your shockies recoil from a hole you didn’t see coming.

No way.

The surface should have been maintained to a consistently smooth quality.
This ideal motorcycle road has to be clear and wide, with plenty of room to see for miles ahead (so you can see any police, just in case you need to do a speed test, heh heh).

You want to ride without watching for constant hazards.


motorcycle roads should be smooth


6.  Perfect motorcycle roads have regular places to stop

If you decide you want to stop and stretch your legs, that should be easy.
The landscape you’re riding through is probably so stunning, you need to take a photo anyway.

So there needs to be a wide shoulder every few miles, with a clear sign to warn you it’s coming, so you can pull off the road safely and take a break.

And while you’re taking a break…


motorcycle roads need somewhere to stop


7.  Perfect motorcycle roads take you somewhere good to eat

Riding a motorcycle is no fun on an empty stomach, right?
And if you’ve been cruising down the perfect motorcycle road, you’ll quickly get a hundred miles under your belt.

So pretty soon, you’ll be hungry.

That means this ideal motorcycle road has to take you to a fantastic place to eat.
A country coffee shop that serves fresh, delicious food will be just fine, thanks.

Some coffee and a serious sandwich under the shade of a tree will only make this ride even more amazing.


motorcycle road needs food


8.  Perfect motorcycle roads feature a short-cut home

After riding this perfect motorcycle road all day, eventually you’ll get tired.

You’ll be feeling a little groggy from riding all day in that warm and gentle sunshine.
You’ll be full of good food.

So you won’t want to have to negotiate challenging twisties or another 8 hours to get back home.
You’ll be needing a short-cut that’ll get you home fast.

That way, you’ll pull safely into your garage, your face hurting from all that smiling.


motorcycle road should feature a shortcut


That’s what the perfect motorcycle road would look like to me.

Some tight twisties, a few long lazy curves, and room to roar along the straight open road.
There’d be plenty of time to stop in the sunshine and snack along the way.

And no cars to ruin your day, of course.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

What does your perfect motorcycle road look like?


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    Agree with everything you said! I love your posts! I get them via RSS, I think it might be the first time I’ve commented, though! 🙂

      Thanks, Camper Jack! So glad you’re enjoying the content. And thanks for commenting – I appreciate it. 🙂

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