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Motorcycle Security Tips From Biker Cats

10 Motorcycle Security Tips From Biker Cats

Motorcycle security is vitally important.

It’s something we all worry about.

There’s always the chance that evil motorbike thieves are lurking.
They could target your precious motorcycle the very SECOND your back is turned.

So what can you do to keep your motorcycle safe?

You have plenty of options.

Such as:

  • Outdoor sensor lights that spotlight the garage (and the thief)
  • Cameras to capture footage of any dodgy strangers lurking
  • A garage or motorcycle alarm
  • Heavy duty chains and padlocks on your bike
  • Big locks on the outside of your garage
  • Keeping your motorcycle in the house (like we do), and even
  • Getting a dog with big teeth.

All of these measures are helpful, for sure.

And the more the merrier.
You should definitely invest in as many security options as you can afford.

It’s money well spent.
Because finding an empty space where your motorcycle used to be is utterly heartbreaking.

We’ve been through the awful experience of motorcycle theft.
We lost the hubby’s Harley at a time when we were utterly broke, and that motorcycle was our only form of transport.

It was just devastating.

So, yes, like us, you should do everything you can to keep your motorcycle safe from thieves.
We now live in a low-crime region of New Zealand, and we still lock everything up, day and night, believe me.

But at our place, we also have a secret security weapon in our arsenal.
No-one even knows it’s in place.

We have a crack team of motorcycle cats on security detail.

Motorcycle security is so important.
It’s essential to put as many safeguards in place as you can: from locks to alarms and even cameras.
But there’s one element of motorcycle security you may have overlooked: biker cats.
They’re more useful than you think…

Our biker cats are pretty fierce.
And they run a furry motorcycle security system that adds another layer of protection to the garage.

Most of the heavy lifting is done by our ginger biker cat Hector.
He’s officially Head of Motorcycle Security, and takes his job very seriously.

But our two tortoiseshell cats, Calliope and Snorty, are no slouches, either.
Between them, they patrol the perimeter with an impressive commitment.

With this dedicated security team in place, motorcycle thieves have zero chance of getting to our bikes.

Let me explain how our motorcycle cats are running a state of the art motorcycle security system around here.

10 Motorcycle Security Tips Brought to You by Biker Cats

 1.  Bring your motorcycle into the living room

We nearly always have a motorcycle in the house.
The main reason is that motorcycles are so beautiful, of course.
It’s a joy to be able to look at your favorite bike all the time.

If you need help to make this happen yourself, check out this list of 20 excuses for why you should keep a motorcycle in the house.

Having a motorcycle in the living room is fun, for sure.
But it’s also a deliberate move that improves motorcycle security.

It’s pretty hard for someone to steal your bike if you’re having dinner right next to it.

And of course, the motorcycle cats are always on guard anyway.
They love the fact it’s only a few paces from the motorcycle to the food bowls.


motorcycle security is easier in the living room


2.  Noise scares off motorcycle thieves

Sure, you should invest in a loud garage alarm if you can afford it.
A blaring alarm will spook many motorcycle thieves, and make them run for the hills.
Preferably without your bike.

But if you can’t afford a large outlay for an alarm on the garage, just look to your motorcycle cats.
All of our furry motorcycle security experts are trained to let out an ear-splitting howl when needed.

That deafening yowl will make the blood run cold in the veins of even the most hardened motorcycle thief.


motorcycle security helped by noise


3.  Advertise your motorcycle security system

Many thieves will be put off if it’s clear you have a motorcycle security system in place.

Yep, you can put up signs warning that you have an alarm system on the garage.
And you can nail a Beware of the Dog sign to your gate.

Or you could just get your own furry motorcycle security guard.

That sends a clear message that your motorcycle is always being monitored.
Like this…


motorcycle security make it visible


4.  Create an advantage with camouflage

Remember Arnie in the Predator movies?
He smeared himself in green camouflage face paint to take on his invisible enemy.

Our motorcycle cats do the same.
You have to look hard to spot Hector here hiding in plain sight on a motorcycle in the garage.

He’s totally blending into his environment, ready for a surprise attack if needs be.


motorcycle security use camoflage


5.  Look scary

You might think a guard dog is the best way to go when it comes to motorcycle security.
And sure, a hound with a loud bark and a knack for baring his teeth at potential thieves can come in handy.

But dogs are more work than cats.

And cats can be utterly terrifying too.
Just ask Snorty here.

You wouldn’t mess with this motorcycle cat on her Triumph stool, right?


motorcycle security is helped by looking scary


6.  Stay alert

The biker cats live in a permanent state of readiness.
They’re like combat trained marines.

That means we can safely leave a motorcycle in the driveway now and then.

Our motorcycle security force is ready for anything: watching, waiting and ready to spring to the defence of motorcycles at any given second.

But if the sun’s out, one of them may have a little nap in the meantime.


motorcycle cats stay alert


7.  Never leave your post

There’s a lot to be said for having a permanent motorcycle security guard on duty.

Our motorcycle cats never take their eyes off the bikes.
They’re watching everything, every single minute.

Unless it’s too cold out in the garage, of course.


man your motorcycle security post


8.  Don’t forget to protect your gear

It’s not just your motorcycle that’s valuable, and tricky to replace.

What about all your motorcycle gear?

Add up what you’ve spent on helmets, jackets and gloves alone and you have another motorcycle-related investment worth protecting.

So station a motorcycle cat near your gear too just to be safe.


motorcycle security includes gear


9.  Use teamwork

Our little tribe of motorcycle cats form a crack motorcycle security team.
They have different combat specialities and individual strengths, of course.

But together, they’re a formidable and intimidating team of motorcycle security experts.
As a team, they’re simply unstoppable.

You know the concept of the Viking shield wall?
It’s a rock solid wall of shields that no-one can possibly break through.

Yep, this is the furry version of that.


motorcycle security teamwork


10.  Pace yourself

If you have everything locked up tight and the perimeter is secure, it makes sense to take a little break.

Just to keep your senses finely honed, of course.
Not because napping is fun.


motorcycle security means pacing yourself


A furry motorcycle security system will give you extra peace of mind.

Knowing that our motorcycle cats are always alert, and on duty 24/7 really helps us to sleep better at night.

Sure, we have some backup motorcycle security measures in place, too.
We have:

  • Industrial locks on the garage
  • Several heavy chains and padlocks on the motorcycles
  • Outdoor lighting, and
  • Motorcycle insurance.

But with biker cats like ours, these are just extra motorcycle security measures.
It’s pretty obvious that our motorcycles are already in safe paws.


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