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Do Women Like Beards? HELL YES! (But maybe no…)

Bearded men used to be in the minority.

Back in the day, if you were partial to men with beards you had limited options.

You could hang out at Harley dealers.
You could knock hopefully on the doors of remote mountain shacks.

Or you could check out the local bearded men, and just marry the best one.
(That’s what I did, and I’ve never looked back…)

But these days, bearded men are thick on the ground.
For the first time in decades, bearded men are cool.
Plenty of male models are now seriously mustachioed and whiskered.

For many, growing a lush full beard is almost as important as spending all day in the gym.


men with beards


But a man doesn’t need a modelling contract for this look to work.
All he needs to do is … well … pretty much nothing.
Step away from the razor, and the beard will do all the work for you.

If only female grooming was that easy.

So Do Women Like Beards – Or Not?

Clearly, I’m biased.
I’ve been running my own Men With Beards Fan Club for a long time now.

And I’m not alone in my passion for chin curtains.
Plenty of other women give men with beards the thumbs-up.

But generally speaking, women tend to have a love/hate relationship with bearded men.

Easily spooked ladies will find beards repulsive.

Eewwwww, they shriek, if they notice one friendly little sandwich crumb hitching a ride in someone’s beard after lunch.

These lilac-toned ladies probably don’t ride on the back of a bike.

That’s lucky for them.
Because how would they deal with the insect graveyard that men with beards host after a long ride?
They’d swoon away in a delicate pastel faint at the very sight of it.

Not me.


bearded men rock

Men with Beards Laugh in the Face of Insects

A bug-infested beard is proof positive of an awesome motorcycle ride.
It means you’ve had your face in the wind.
You’ve been out roaring through the world – and, yes, the world has bugs in it.

When I find 1,000 suicidal insects in my man’s beard after I ride, I laugh in delight.
I brush them out, and we go for a beer.

Bearded men are not icky.
They’re not dirty.
(A beard is easily cleaned with a handful of shampoo in the shower.)

Beards are real. They’re refreshing.

They’re effortless statements of masculinity (unless you decorate them with flowers).


full beard t-shirt

They say: I am a man. That is all.

That works for me.
And let’s face it, if I want to talk about moisturizers or waxing, I’ll call my girlfriends.

Bearded Men Don’t Carry Wooden Clubs Anymore

Now that bearded men are so common, they no longer reflect a guy’s inner caveman.

Having a beard (like owning a motorcycle) is not really strong evidence of outlaw status.

You can have a well-paying job, a beard, and a motorcycle – all at the same time.
And in fact, that’s a useful combination, because bikes, and their must-have after-market parts, are not cheap.

Actually, neither is good beard oil.
A little disposable cash to maintain both your bike, and your beard will definitely come in handy.

But I guess that, sooner or later, the Fashion Powers That Be will declare beards are dead.

No-one can tell when that horrifying day might arrive.

All I know is I’m making the most of this happy hairy plague of bearded men while it lasts.

How about you?


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    “Chin curtains” lol!!!

      I thought about going with ‘face fungus’ for a minute there…

    Yay beards!!!! Although I may have been brainwashed from a young age…

      Good early training in the things that matter then!

    Nice! Humor, a gentle dig at those not digging the hair, and clear prose about cycling. What’s not to like?

      Haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gregory!

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