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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Bra (And be WAY more comfortable!)

Motorcycle bras should be made of black leather, right?
Maybe with some silver studs or spikes?

That’s the biker chick way, surely?


Don’t believe that myth for a second!

You don’t have to look like you’re trying out for Sons of Anarchy.
Or next Saturday night’s session on a stripper pole.

Motorcycle bras have to do two things:

  1. Give you support, and
  2. Be comfortable.

Sitting on a motorcycle with tight lace and metal underwires poking into your tender flesh is not only seriously uncomfortable.
It’s also completely unnecessary.

A motorcycle ride is not a Victoria’s Secret model audition.
You don’t need to parade around in your underwear like a fantasy angel.
How would you even fit the gigantic feathery wings under your leather jacket?


motorcycle bras are not from victoria's secret

The whole point of getting on a motorcycle is to experience a sense of joy and freedom.
You can’t do that if you’re strapped into a lacy torture device.

On a motorcycle, you need to be able to move, stretch, breathe, relax, and smile.
Looking perfect, and being judged is not part of the deal.

So find a motorcycle bra that helps you feel comfortable on the bike.
You can worry about looking perfect some other time.

(Or never.)

Motorcycle bras need to be comfortable, and offer the support you need.
They don’t need to transform you into a supermodel with jaw-dropping cleavage.
Spending a few minutes choosing the right motorcycle bra will help you enjoy the ride.
Here are 5 styles to consider.

5 Kinds of Motorcycle Bras To Try

Let’s talk about the kinds of motorcycle bras that will increase your comfort levels on the bike.

1.  Soft cup/non-underwired

Personally, I’m loving the trend away from underwire bras.
It used to be that underwires were just a normal part of most bras.

But have you noticed that there are a lot more options of the soft cup variety around?

Some experts claim this style is healthier, too.
Without that tight wire pressing into your chest, you apparently get better blood flow to the whole area.

Either way, soft cup bras are 100% more comfortable than having hard bits of wire poking into you.

And this style doesn’t have to look like a training bra for a 12 year old.
There are plenty of grown up, pretty options – and plain black or white is simple and classic.

But lack of underwire doesn’t mean lack of support.
The support offered by the wire can be replaced by thicker straps, and even multi-part cups (source).


motorcycle bras can be soft cup


2.  Bralette

A bralette is really just variation on the soft cup option.
This is a soft cup style with a little more of a style flourish.
There’s often a little soft lace or elastic section that sits under your bust.

A little prettier than the traditional soft cup, but still super comfortable (source).


motorcycle bras try a bralette


3.  Sports bra

If you need more support than you might get from a soft cup bra, think about trying an exercise bra.

These are designed to support you while you run, or face up to a gym workout (the horror).
Sitting on a motorcycle is definitely more physical than people think – but still not as intense as going jogging or running on a treadmill.

So if your bra will support you during these wildly physical activities, you’ll be more than covered for riding a motorcycle.

Sports bras are designed to move with your body – while still offering support.
That’s exactly what a motorcycle bra needs to do, too.


motorcycle bras could be sports bras


4.  T-shirt bra

These bras are designed to be smooth and seamless, so will fit nicely under the many layers of gear you need to wear on a motorcycle.

Some include a little padding, too, which can boost your shape and size, while offering as much support as you need.
These often come with or without underwire, so you can choose your preference.


motorcycle bras can be tshirt bras


5.  A vest

If you need little-to-no support, you could always try wearing a soft cotton or thermal vest.

This will cling to your whole upper body, so it won’t create any shape or offer serious support.

But it can still provide another comforting layer between your skin and the 12 other layers of gear you’re about to pile on next!
And if it’s going to be a cold ride, choose a thermal vest and you add another layer of warmth at the same time.


motorcycle bra could be replaced with a vest


The right motorcycle bra will massively improve your comfort levels.

You’ve already spent time and money choosing the right motorcycle jacket, riding jeans, and motorcycle boots, right?
So the outer layers are taken care of.

But it’s also worth putting a little thought into your motorcycle bra.
Choose the right one, and you’ll be more comfortable before even you go anywhere near the motorcycle.

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