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Can You Wear Earrings With a Motorcycle Helmet

Can You Wear Earrings With a Motorcycle Helmet?

You definitely CAN wear earrings with a motorcycle helmet.

And here’s why you should.

Motorcycle earrings are a shortcut to femininity.
They help to show that there’s a woman somewhere underneath all those layers of motorcycle safety gear.

Let’s face it – the 32 layers of stuff you have to wear on a motorcycle are totally necessary.
The idea of riding on a motorcycle in a pretty dress and sandals is flat-out crazy.

Even so, the layer-on-layer of shapeless black gear can get boring and downright depressing!
So if you want to look a little more feminine on the road, the right pair of motorcycle earrings can help.

Of course, not everyone will admit to trying to look pretty on a motorcycle…


motorcycle earrings won’t make everyone look pretty


But if you WOULD like to look a little more feminine on a motorcycle, let’s talk about how earrings can help.

You can definitely wear earrings on a motorcycle – but you have to choose the right ones.
Simple, stylish motorcycle earrings are great for wearing inside your helmet.
If you’re on a motorcycle trip, you can swap them out for bigger ones at the end of the ride.
Here are 5 examples of both kinds of motorcycle earrings.

Motorcycle Earrings: What to Avoid

As you probably know, looking feminine on a motorcycle takes a little planning.

There’s always a practical aspect to choosing the right motorcycle gear.
And that applies to motorcycle earrings as well.

So anything big, dangly, or delicate will just get in your way.

For example:

  • Big earrings will press into your head the whole ride, and drive you crazy.
  • Dangling earrings can get caught in your helmet liner, or your hair.
  • Delicate earrings are sure to break.

It’s a real pain to be digging around in the dirt by the side of the road looking for little silver beads or spiderweb-thin loops of gold when you take off your helmet.

Or trying to deal with an earring that’s somehow twisted itself into your hair and gotten snagged on your helmet liner at the same time.

There’s enough to think about on a motorcycle without fussing over earrings as well, right?

So let’s talk about how to choose low maintenance motorcycle earrings that still look good.

Motorcycle Earrings: 5 Styles That Work

Choosing the right motorcycle earrings is all about keeping it simple.
But simple designs can still have an impact.

A glint of gold, silver, or sparkling color on your ears can make you look and feel like a woman again – no matter how many layers of sensible black safety gear you may be wearing.

Let’s look at the 5 styles that will work on any kind of motorcycle ride.

1.  Studs

Studs are an easy choice, as they’re so compact and self-contained.
They’re small, they’re smooth, and they won’t catch in your motorcycle helmet lining – or your hair.

And they don’t have to be teeny tiny, or plain.
Studs that feature crystals or gemstones are cut to catch the light, and look pretty.


motorcycle earrings - studs


2.  Multiple small earrings

If you have 2 or even 3 piercings, you can try a row of small glittering studs.

A few different sized studs or small earrings, especially featuring a light-catching stone, will look feminine, and draw attention to your face.


motorcycle earrings - multiple piercings


3.  Flat earring designs

A flat, spread-out design that covers more earlobe territory is a good way to wear a bigger earring without the complications.

Even though this style is about three times the size of your average stud earring, it’s designed to lie flat against the earlobe, so won’t get in the way when you pull your helmet on or off.


motorcycle earrings - small flat designs


4.  Small hoops

Little gold or silver hoops are a great choice for low-maintenance motorcycle earrings.
Because they hang down from the earlobe, they catch more light, and look a bit more glamorous than studs.

And again, if you add some shiny stones, you double their impact.


motorcycle earrings – small hoops


5.  Sparkly earrings

Choose some small earrings that are designed to sparkle, and you’ve just set up some tiny, flattering light bulbs around your face.
And if the sparkle is also colorful, they’ll be even more feminine.


motorcycle earrings – sparkly designs


Motorcycle Earrings to Wear AFTER the Ride

What if you’re going away for the weekend on the motorcycle, or on a longer road trip?

Now you have way more options in the earring department.
You won’t be wearing a motorcycle helmet to dinner, right?
So you’re free to go wild with your choice of motorcycle earrings.

And earrings are easy to pack for a motorcycle road trip.
They’re light, and don’t take up any room in your side of the saddlebags.

Slip your extra earrings into your toiletries case or purse, and you can wear them to dinner or a bar at your destination.

Just make sure you don’t bring a pair of motorcycle earrings with big emotional or monetary value.
If you lose your grandmother’s diamonds, or that pair of gold hearts the hubby gave you for your last anniversary, that’ll break your heart, and wreck the trip.

So choose a pair of motorcycle earrings that you can live without if you have to.
If you lose an earring under the bed in the motel room while you’re packing up to leave, it won’t be the end of the world.

Here are a few ideas for easy-to-pack motorcycle earrings that you can wear at your destination.
That is, after you fix the helmet hair, touch up your makeup, and head out for the evening, of course.

5 Motorcycle Earring Styles to Wear After the Ride

1.  Feathers

How pretty are these feather earrings?
They’re lighter-than-air, and so feminine!

They catch every breeze with soft, fluttery movements that are a great contrast to all that leather!


motorcycle earrings - feathers


2.  Bigger hoops

Gold or silver hoops are classically feminine.
And after you’ve ditched the motorcycle helmet for the evening, you can wear some bigger ones that will frame your face with glints of precious metal.

Hoops are effortlessly glamorous, and always look perfect with jeans.


motorcycle earrings – big hoops


3.  Dangling earrings

Bigger earrings are an attention-grabbing way to make a feminine statement.
Dress them up further with some stones or sparkle if you want to make the statement even  louder.

I love wearing big earrings after a long day in the motorcycle saddle.
They offer such a shamelessly girly contrast to the basic motorcycle gear I’m still wearing (like practical biker boots and riding jeans).


motorcycle earrings - dangling


4.  Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings are really easy to wear.
They’re a quick way to add color to your outfit, and they have a carefree, effortless vibe about them.
They’re fun, and make you look pulled together, without even trying.


motorcycle earrings - tassels


5.  Larger metal earrings

This style is a great choice if your hair just won’t recover from the ride.
If you can’t be bothered trying to bring your hair back to life, and just have it tied back in a ponytail for the evening, these are the motorcycle earrings for you.

A dangling metal design, but with some finer details (so not too clunky) work well with the biker vibe, but are still really feminine.

And if your hair’s pulled back, earrings like these provide an alternative focus.


motorcycle earrings - metal style


Motorcycle Earrings are a Short-Cut to Glamor on a Bike

They’re the easiest accessory to wear on a short ride.
And on a motorcycle road trip, they’ll be the smallest items you bring (but with the most impact).

The right pair are comfortable, practical and proudly feminine.
Now even all those layers of safety gear can’t hide the fact that you’re a woman!

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