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women's leather motorcycle pants do you need some

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Pants: Do You Need Some?

Why would you need a pair of women’s leather motorcycle pants?

Can’t you just pull on a pair of jeans and boots, and be ready to ride?

Yep, you can do that.
But only if you’re not too worried about protecting the lower half of your body.

If you want proper protection from the waist down, women’s leather motorcycle pants are a fantastic option.
There are a few things they do really well that other motorcycle pants just don’t.
They offer great protection, are comfortable, and keep a lot of the weather out.

And if they happen to make you feel like Cat Woman, that can’t hurt either.
Just try to remember not to order a saucer of milk when you pull up at a coffee shop.

Here’s why these are a worthwhile addition to your riding gear.

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Pants: 5 Reasons to Get a Pair

1.  Women’s leather motorcycle pants can make you look good.

WHY is so much motorcycle safety gear just plain ugly?
Nine times out of ten it’s so unflattering!

And, sure, I know that we’re not pretending it’s Fashion Week in Paris.
The main function of motorcycle gear is to keep you safe.
I get that.

But this is the first thing to love about leather motorcycle pants for women.
They actually have some style.

They’re a rare combination of form and function.

And if you choose a pair that are cut to flatter your body, you can actually make motorcycle safety gear look good.

Like these:


motorcycle leather pants for women - Alpinestars Vika v2 Women's Pants


These are the Alpinestars Vika v2 Women’s Pants.

Yep, they’re kinda gorgeous.

The manufacturer calls them: “The slimmest, most form fitting and flattering motorcycle pants on the market” (source).

They use a fine grade cowhide and stretch fabric panels to give shape AND protection.
Notice how the panels are stretchy inside the thigh?
That makes for extra comfort while making you look good.
There are contoured knee protectors included, but they’re semi-invisible.
They’re fitted inside the pants so they look smoother from the outside.
That’s a nice touch.

Extra wind protection comes from laminating the stretchy panels and the high rear waist, which is an effective wind barrier.

Check them out here

(This is an Affiliate link).

2.  Women’s leather motorcycle pants help keep you safer.

Let’s face it, no-one wants to fall off a motorcycle.
And hopefully it won’t ever happen.

But if it does, with leather pants at least you’ll be wearing quality safety gear.

Leather offers excellent protection against abrasion and impact.
It’s way less likely to tear than standard denim.

That’s a good thing, as it’s not much fun having road gravel scraped out of your knee (ask me how I know: OUCH)!

But these pants make you feel safer just looking at them, don’t they?


women's leather motorcycle pants -Alpinestars Stella Missile v3 Leather Pants


They’re the Alpinestars Stella Missile v3 Leather Pants.

And they have a few very useful safety features.
Yes, they’re comfortable, with pre-curved legs and flexible zones on the knee, calf, crotch and waist, so they’re designed for a woman’s body.
They’re made of quality leather, and have double layers in exposed areas, which means even better abrasion resistance.

And here’s something else that’s great about these pants.
They have a ventilation port on the knee to let in airflow and keep you cool.
You can fix this panel in the open position, and you’re still protected to European standards, even when that panel’s open.
There are also some replaceable knee sliders you can slip in for yet more protection.

Check them out here.

(This is an Affiliate link).

3.  Women’s leather motorcycle pants are comfortable.

How many times have you sat on a motorcycle in jeans that threaten to cut you in half?
Or riding pants that hardly let you move your legs?

Leather motorcycle pants for women give you some freedom of movement while riding.

They often have stretchy panels in key areas (like the hips) so you don’t have to sit rigidly like a statue for the whole ride.
You can actually move around, and the leather pants will move with you.

And most leather motorcycle pants for women are lined.
So you get an extra layer of comfort, warmth and protection.

I bet you could wear these ones all day…


women's leather motorcycle pants -First Mfg Alexis Women's Pants


These are the First Manufacturing Alexis Women’s Pant.

These pants are another great combination of comfort and style.

They’re made out of soft cowhide, so they’re not stiff and inflexible.
They have a full satin liner, so they’re comfortable and easier to pull on and off.

And you won’t want to get these pants off at the end of the ride.
They’re a low rise, jean-style design, so they’re fashionable yet still comfy.
They look like your favorite pair of jeans – except they’re a lot sexier, because they’re leather!

Check them out here.

(This is an Affiliate link).

4.  Women’s leather motorcycle pants protect you from the weather.

If you’ve been on a motorcycle in standard jeans (or even motorcycle jeans), you’ll know what happens when the heavens suddenly open and throw buckets of rain down on you.

Yep, you’re instantly soaked from the waist down.
And once the wind picks up, you’re getting chilled to the bone riding in wet denim.

Leather motorcycle pants for women are not 100% waterproof.
But they’re definitely water resistant.
They’re really useful in light rain.

And if it starts pouring, you’ll have more time to get out of the weather before you’re soaked to the skin.

Leather’s also great at keeping the wind out.
A howling gale goes right through denim and makes you colder faster.

But leather motorcycle pants offer way more resistance to the wind and will keep you warmer for longer.

These ones look very, very cosy…


women's leather motorcycle pants - BMW DarkNite Women's Pants


These are the BMW DarkNite Women’s Pants.

These pants are made of abrasion resistant cowhide – but they have another layer of rain protection, too.
They’re specially treated to resist water absorption.

They also have built-in armor at the knees (which you can adjust to your height) and removable protectors at the hips to make sure you’re fully covered for potential impacts.

With a mesh lining and 4 pants pockets (the back ones are zippered), these are a great choice if you ride in the wind and rain and don’t always want to carry all your wet weather gear too.

Check them out here.

(This is an Affiliate link).

5.  Women’s leather motorcycle pants will last for years.

I still have a pair of leather motorcycle pants I bought 2 decades ago.
The moths haven’t feasted on them, and they haven’t worn out.
They’ve really stood the test of time.

A good pair of leather motorcycle pants for women are built to last.
They’ll have reinforced stitching and are designed to stand up to the challenges of motorcycle riding.

It can actually work out cheaper to invest in leather rather than other motorcycle pants, because they’re way more likely to save you money in the long run.

These ones are are impressive – they’re a comfortable version of professional racing leathers.


women's motorcycle leather pants - Dainese Pony 3 Women's Pants


These are the Dainese Pony 3 Women’s Pants.

As the manufacturer says, they: “take the design and technology from Dainese’s highest spec racing leathers and transform them into a comfortable street- and touring-ready pant tailored for daily riding” (source).

They have extra leather reinforcement outside the knee, and internal protectors for the knee and hip.

Naturally they’re lined, with zippers at the calf to make them easier to get on and off.
There are elasticated inserts and an adjustable waist – just in case you need a slice of cheesecake when you’re on the road!

Check them out here.

(This is an Affiliate link).

Women’s leather motorcycle pants are a smart choice.

They tick several boxes at once…

  • Do they make motorcycle safety gear look good for a change?
  • Are they going to offer full protection on the road?
  • And will they be comfortable enough to wear all day?
    For sure.

See what I mean here?

It’s hard to go past motorcycle gear that makes you look good, keeps you safe – and as a bonus makes you feel like you could be moonlighting as Cat Woman.


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