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biker wife quotes featured

10 Biker Wife Quotes (How Many Do YOU Say)?

A biker wife knows a thing or two about motorcycles – and their owners.

She knows that motorcycles are not a passing fad.
They’re a part of the family.

The quickest way to a happy motorcycle marriage is to accept that the bike is front and center in your lives.
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.

And if you do, you might find yourself coming out with some memorable biker wife quotes yourself.

Biker wife quotes come from taking an interest in motorcycles – and in accepting your man’s passion.
When you ride motorcycles as a couple, you quickly come to understand why motorcycles are so easy to love.
But watch out – motorcycles are addictive.
Before you know it, you’re sounding a lot like a biker chick.

See if any of these comments sound familiar…

10 Biker Wife Quotes You May Say Yourself

1.  “Honey, I’ve decided which motorcycle helmet I want for my birthday.”

I’ve been reading up about motorcycle helmets, and I know what I want.
This one is not only gorgeous – it’ll also keep me safer.
Think of it as an investment in my happiness…


biker wife quotes include motorcycle helmets


Get one yourself here.

(This is an affiliate link.)

2.  “Let’s bring the motorcycle into the house for awhile.”

We can’t admire her if she’s out in the shed.
You know she gets lonely out there.
There are a million reasons to keep a motorcycle in your living room.
(But watch out – this was my idea and now there’s no way of getting the motorcycle back out to the garage…)


motorcycle in the living room


3.  “I’ve found a brilliant way to finance that beautiful new Triumph.”

Instead of arguing about how much motorcycles cost, you might find yourself suddenly finding ways to make the numbers work.
Because if he gets a new bike, that means new kinds of adventures for both of you.
And nothing in the world makes him happier.
It’s pretty good for your relationship if this is your fault.


finance a new motorcycle

4.  “I’m heading out for groceries – do you need anything at the bike shop?”

He’s probably already got a part on order at the bike shop, let’s face it.
And these modifications and upgrades are as essential as groceries.
He needs those new motorcycle mirrors like he needs milk for his cornflakes in the morning.

So you may as well get all the errands done at once, right?


motorcycle essentials

5.  “Will our new shower will be big enough to wash motorcycle parts in, honey?”

This was a serious issue when we got our bathroom renovated.
A big shower is essential.

It’s a lot easier to wash bike parts in the shower than in the kitchen sink, right?
And you’ve gotta draw the line at washing them in the bath.
We’re not savages here.


biker wife quotes wash bike parts in the shower

6.  “It’s Saturday, so I thought I’d wear my motorcycle gear just in case.”

You have to grab any possible chance for a couples ride, right?
A sunny Saturday is the perfect time.
It’s good for your state of mind AND your relationship.
And it definitely beats catching up on chores.


motorcycles are couples bonding time

7.  “Hey, the sun’s out; why don’t you wheel out the bike, and I’ll give her a quick wash…”

I’m always amazed to hear myself say this.

Because how BORING is normal cleaning?
I never seem to say, hmm, the sun is out, why don’t I clean the toilet?

But add a motorcycle to the mix and suddenly I’m not allergic to detergent after all.


biker wife quotes time for some cleaning

8.  “I nearly bought some sandals today, but then I realized I couldn’t wear them on the bike.”

Before you know it, motorcycles can start to influence your major buying decisions.
That can include shoes.
Yep, it’s true.

It starts to seem more and more normal to invest in a great pair of boots you can wear every weekend on the bike, than a strappy pair of high heels you’ll wear twice a year.


but can you wear them on a motorcycle

9.  “Let’s go have a coffee at that little place we found last weekend. It’s only 100 miles away.”

Our non-biker friends can’t believe that we don’t have a favorite local coffee shop.
All our go-to places are in the next town.
Or at least a half day’s ride away.
Getting there is half the fun!


take the motorcycle for coffee

10.  “The new motorcycle has a lovely purr to her – let’s start her up and have a listen while she’s in the the living room.”

Yes, it’s true.
These exact words came out of my mouth.

This is maybe not the best idea I’ve ever had.
Even if you start the motorcycle with the back door open to let some fresh air in.
But you should’ve seen the hubby grin!

So it was worth it.


motorcycle exhaust pipes


Do you say any of these biker wife quotes yourself?

If you answered YES, I know how you feel.
I understand how the motorcycles lifestyle can quickly take over.

And if you answered NO, check back with me in a couple more weeks.

Because when you’re a biker wife, before long motorcycles start to make you pretty happy, too.


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