only biker chicks would say it

Biker chicks don’t always show up riding their own Harleys, wearing head-to-toe leather, and swigging Jack Daniels straight from the bottle.

Some do, of course.
But other biker chicks are harder to spot.

Plenty of women are right into motorcycles, but you’d never know it at first glance.
That’s because it’s not about how many tattoos you have.
It’s not about how you look.

It’s all about how you think.

Biker chicks share a state of mind.
They don’t see motorcycles as a potential trigger for divorce.
Quite the opposite.

To biker chicks, motorcycles are just part of the family.
That’s why they say things like this…

10 Things That Only Biker Chicks Would Say

1.  Honey, I’ve been thinking about how to finance that beautiful new Triumph.
Come sit down with me, and look at the math…

biker chicks talk finance

2.  I’ll just pop out to get some bread and milk…
Oh, and some new oil for the bike.

3.  You know, I think that motorcycle is probably lonely out there in the garage.
Let’s bring her into the house so she has some company.

biker chicks like indoor parking

4.  Sweetie, I’ve been reading up about motorcycle helmets, and I’ve decided which one I want for my birthday!
Let’s go try some on…

5.  The plans for the new bathroom are coming along well – but will the new shower be big enough to wash motorcycle parts in?

biker chicks need a big shower

6.  Since it’s Saturday, I thought I’d wear my motorcycle gear just in case.

7.  Hey, the sun’s out; why don’t you wheel out the bike, and I’ll give her a quick wash…

biker chicks like washing bikes

8.  Hmm, I like the look of that new shirt, but can I wear it on the bike?

9.  Let’s go visit Stuart and Ange – it’s only about a 100km ride.

biker chicks like long motorcycle rides

10.  The new bike has a lovely purr to her – let’s start her up and have a listen while she’s in the the living room.

As you can see, there’s more to biker chicks than scary hair and cool motorcycle t-shirts.

It’s much more about a state of mind.

Biker chicks are defined by what they say, rather than how they look.
And often they do happen to own a pair of leather pants.
But that’s just a bonus.

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Written by Liz Hardy