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bikers world in the garage

A Motorcycle Garage is a Secret World of Fun

Just behind your motorcycle garage door lies a secret biker’s world that’s more fun than you could ever believe.

When you open that motorcycle garage door, it’s a bit like entering the Bat Cave.
Only no-one’s wearing a cape.

Pat’s motorcycle garage is only metres from the house, but it’s a whole different world out there…

This Biker Bat Cave distils motorcycle culture into one room.

In this motorcycle garage, it’s hard to move without tripping over bike bits.
Over in the corner is a pretty impressive collection of empty tequila bottles.
The walls are covered with bike posters and hanging tools.

Naturally, it smells of motorbikes too – there’s a whiff of oil, petrol and motorcycle grease in the air.

It’s a decorating approach that really wouldn’t fly in the house.

But different rules apply in a motorcycle garage.

And that’s OK.
I’m only visiting!



Why I Love Hanging out in the Biker’s World of the Motorcycle Garage

I used to think what went on in that motorcycle garage had nothing do with me.
Getting black grease under my nails, or nasty smelling chemicals on my skin was never appealing.
It still isn’t, come to think of it.

And I’m not mechanical either.

At all.

I don’t really care how bikes work, or how the millions of little bitty metal parts fit together.

But lately, I’m loving my time out in the motorcycle garage, helping out in the Biker Bat Cave.
No-one’s more surprised than me, and I’ve been thinking about how the hell this might’ve happened.

I think I know.
I love spending time in this secret biker’s world for 2 good reasons.

  • Reason no. 1 – my biker

Pat’s awesome company.
He’s hilarious.
And he tells a killer story.

  • Reason no. 2 – Motorcycle maintenance is my problem, too

As I’ve discovered, bikes don’t magically maintain themselves.
There’s a reason that they run smoothly when we’re out on the road – because they’ve been regularly checked and looked after.

It’s only fair that I help out with this side of things from time to time.
I get all the benefits of riding, so I’m happy to put in some of the work!
(Especially when it feels more like fun than work.)

Now, I’m aware that the motorcycle garage is not my natural territory.
I see the whole spider universes of cobwebs behind the tools.




But I don’t start compulsively cleaning.
I’m happy to be a visitor.

Sometimes Pat wants to be left alone to tinker on a bike.
I have no problem with that.
But I do like to step into his secret biker’s world now and then.

Usually, I bring beer.

The little stereo will be playing Dylan, the Stones or maybe something a little more country.
I might be in time to catch a tiny bolt before it disappears with a merry little ‘clink’ into the workings of the bike, never to be seen again.

I’ll pull up a milk crate to sit on (yep, that’s the one with the Triumph cushion), pick up a clean piece of rag, and start polishing.




We chat and laugh and drink beer while we make the bikes safer and prettier.

I never dreamed an afternoon in a motorcycle garage could be so much fun.

Why not try it yourself?
If your man doesn’t have armed guards on his motorcycle garage door, go visit him.
Don’t forget the beer.

He’ll be astounded to see you.
And he just might be delighted, too.

There may well be room for two in your biker’s world as well.


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