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Biker Love How to Make it Happen

Biker Love: 10 Simple Ways to Make it Happen

How do you make biker love happen?

Can you make a biker fall in love with you?

Well, you can’t MAKE a biker do anything.
But you CAN increase your odds of biker romance happening.

Of course, you’ll have to tread carefully.
Bikers don’t exactly love being pushed around.

So how do you fan the flames of biker love?

Don’t worry.

You won’t need a love potion.
You won’t need a makeover.
You won’t even need to know that much about motorcycles.

You can help a biker fall in love with you.
You just have to be strategic.
It helps to be friendly and spontaneous.
Have an outfit that’ll work as motorcycle safety gear, be ready to sample a little biker culture, and the stage is set…

There are a few smart ways to tip the balance in your favor.
With these insider tips, you can make a biker fall in love with you pretty easily.

As long as there’s a spark there already to work with, there’s plenty you can do to make biker romance happen.

Try this…

1.  Be ready to ride

If you’re thinking of dating a biker, you’d better be ready to spend a lot of time on the back of his motorcycle.

Bikers grab every opportunity to wheel their metal beasts out of the garage and roar along the open road, with a grin so broad their cheeks hurt.

If you want to spend any kind of quality time with him, you’ll have to be up for sharing in his two wheeled adventures.

So show him that you’re open to that.
When he invites you on a motorcycle ride, say yes.

And then make it clear that you’re having fun!
The shared joy of riding is the cornerstone of biker love.


biker romance - be ready to ride

2.  Ask him about motorcycles

Bikers love talking about motorcycles.
This is usually their absolute favorite topic of conversation.

They’ll talk about bikes with anyone, at any time.

So show him you’re on his wavelength by tapping into the subject he’s already thinking about.

But you don’t have to be a motorcycle expert.
And you should never try to fake it.
He’ll see right through that act in about 1.5 seconds.

This is his special subject, remember.
He’s been obsessing about it for years – and often decades.

In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to talk about motorcycles – even if you don’t know the first thing about them.
Try this: Dating a Biker? How to Talk About Motorcycles.

If you can talk about motorcycles – even just a little – you’re another step along the road to making a biker fall in love with you.

3.  Be yourself

Bikers are really not into phonies.

Most of the bikers I’ve ever met are pretty down to earth, genuine people.
They’re looking to connect with other people who can be real.

So don’t try and tweak your personality (or dress sense!) to be more biker-friendly.
You don’t have to agree with everything he says (how boring is that)?
You don’t have to show up in a ripped Harley t-shirt (when he rides a Triumph).

That’s embarrassing, try-hard behavior.

It’s OK to have a different opinion about things.
It’s a good idea to show up in clothes you love that look great on you.

Sure, dressing like a biker chick from Sons of Anarchy might make him laugh.
But being yourself is way more likely to lead to biker love.


biker romance - be yourself

4.  Be pro-active about motorcycle safety gear

If you’re going to be spending time on the back of a motorcycle, you need to wear motorcycle safety gear.

You can’t show up for a biker date in a little dress and some high heeled sandals.
Here’s a little more info on what not to wear on a motorcycle.

So you’ll be needing:

  • A sturdy jacket that can be closed in front
  • Jeans or thick pants
  • Boots
  • A motorcycle helmet, and
  • Gloves.

But don’t worry.

Your biker date won’t expect you to have a full set of safety gear hanging in your wardrobe.
So improvise with what you’ve got, and borrow the rest from him.

For example, you probably have the jeans, jacket and boots covered, right?
Then just ask your biker date if he can lend you a helmet and spare set of gloves.

He’ll be relieved that you even know what motorcycle gear is.
And that you don’t expect to get on the motorcycle wearing shorts.

5.  Don’t be a princess

Riding on the back of a motorcycle takes some getting used to.
If you’re wondering what to expect, read this:
Riding on the Back of a Motorcycle: What’s it Really Like?

It’ll take some adjustment.
You’ll have to learn how to mount and dismount the bike smoothly.
And figure out how a motorcycle passenger holds on.

That all comes more naturally with practice.
But in the meantime, don’t be a high maintenance princess.
A long list of complaints will throw a bucket of cold water on the flames of biker love.

So don’t get to your destination, haul yourself crankily off the motorcycle and complain that:

  • The sun’s too hot
  • The wind’s too cold
  • You have a cramp in your leg, and worst of all…
  • You’re bored.

Find something to like about the experience instead.
There’s a huge number of positive things to focus on during a motorcycle ride.

Such as:

  • The scenery
  • The adrenaline rush of riding
  • The purring of the engine
  • The sense of freedom motorcycles offer, and of course…
  • The fantastic company!

It’s impossible for a biker to fall in love with a complaining, high maintenance princess.
So leave the tiara at home.


biker love - don't be a princess (1)

6.  Be spontaneous

Many bikers are into seizing the moment.
If the sun is shining and they have some free time, you know what they’ll be doing?

Riding their motorcycles.

If you want to be a part of these often last minute plans, it helps to be a little bit flexible.
Once you get into the groove of going with the flow, you’ll be surprised by how many things can be postponed with no consequences.

So when your biker date calls on a sunny Saturday afternoon and invites you to go riding, what will you do?
Will you stay home and clean the bathroom?

Or will you make that biker fall in love with you by saying:

Sounds amazing! I’ll be ready in 10 minutes!

Biker romance is often spontaneous.
Seize the moment – and prepare to smile the whole day.

7.  Ask questions

You don’t have to be a motorcycle expert, remember?
It’s OK if all this motorcycle stuff is new to you.

So don’t be afraid to ask your biker date questions.
This is helpful for two reasons:

  • It shows you’re interested and trying to learn, and
  • The answers address your fears, and make you feel more confident.

Your biker date can probably offer some tips about how to be a motorcycle passenger.
And if you’re uncomfortable, or worried about any part of the experience, ask for his advice.

He knows you’re new to this.
Let him help you.

You’ll come out of the conversation with some helpful new knowledge.
And he’ll feel respected when you listen to him.

Those are some promising conditions for biker romance to flourish.


biker love - ask questions

8.  Get involved in the ride

Being a motorcycle passenger doesn’t mean being passive.
You’re not a bag of potatoes strapped on to the motorcycle pillion seat.

By engaging with the experience, you add value to the ride itself.

You make the rider’s life better, too.
He’ll LOVE that.

There are lots of ways to get involved in the ride.

  • Talk about where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.
    Show an interest in how the day will unfold.
  • Keep an eye out during the ride for obstacles and dangers.
    You could spot anything from potholes to speeding cameras – this kind of information is seriously helpful.
  • If you’re going for lunch, take the initiative when you arrive.
    Go find a good table while he parks the bike.
    Or make a booking before you go.
  • When he stops for gas, don’t just stand there.
    Go inside and pay for the gas – it saves time and shows you’re invested.

By bringing something useful to the experience, you make it clear that the ride is more fun with you than without.

Really, how could this biker NOT fall in love with you?

9.  Be ready to explore biker culture

Motorcycle culture is not about going to bars to meet Hell’s Angels.
Not even close.

It basically just involves spending time with other people who happen to love motorcycles.

So you might get invited to events like:

  • Motorcycle shows
  • Motorcycle rallies
  • Motorcycle-themed evenings at a bike shop
  • Group rides with some of his friends
  • Club rides, barbeques and casual get-togethers.

These can be a lot of fun.
And a great way to meet new, interesting people.

So if you’re invited, go along.
Smile at these strangers who may be your future new friends.
And show that you’re a fun, friendly addition to the social circle.

If his friends approve of this new biker romance, that’s money in the bank.


biker romance means biker culture

10.  Say thank you!

Being invited to ride on the back of someone’s motorcycle is a big deal.
Bikers don’t ask just anyone to share their favorite thing in the world.

So the fact that you’re riding together is already a good sign.
Let him know you appreciate it.

Tell him you had fun on the ride.
Notice his skills as he controls and directs the motorcycle.

And say thank you for a wonderful day together.
He’ll be delighted.
He’ll smile and feel appreciated.

And his heart will open just a little bit more.

Now you know how to make a biker fall in love with you.

Biker romance is not that hard, is it?

There are lots of things you can do to make biker love happen completely naturally.
All it takes is a little focus, and some insight into what makes a happy biker couple.

Now you’re ready to ride off into a romantic sunset on the back of a motorcycle!



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